I came into contact with Pilates and Yoga for the first time during my dance training.
Pilates lessons were part of the training and I noticed how good they were for my dancing, but also for my posture, stability and body awareness. So I started taking Pilates lessons on the machines in addition to training.
The daily dance training was many years ago, what has remained is Pilates.
I am still enthusiastic about the method and can feel how good it is for my body. Over the years I've been able to maintain my posture, core stability and flexibility, and that's why I think everyone can benefit from Pilates. I try to pass on my enthusiasm for it in the lessons.
Work experience
  • 2010-2020
    Unterrichte seit über 10 Jahren
    Privatlektionen in Deutsch und Englisch,
    Migros Fitnesspärke, Zürich
    Tanzwerk 101, Zürich
    Firmenlektionen eigene Workshops und weitere
  • Januar 2020 9. Bebo® Symposium – Beckenboden unter Belastung
    Speakers: Prof. Dr. Lorenz Radlinger und Dr. Helena Luginbühl, Prof. Dr. Brigit Schulte-Frei, Dr. Sue Bertschy
  • März 2019 Corestability – für einen starken Rücken und Beckenboden Bebo® Weiterbildung Annatina Lehnherr
  • Oktober 2018 1st Interdisciplinary World Congress – Movement
    Speakers: Prof. Stuart McGill, Prof. Pavel Kolar, Prof. Alena Kobesova, Dr. Brett Winchester, Dr. Rebecca Furlano
  • Oktober 2017 Tune Up Fitness – The Roll Model Method Perform Better Munich, Germany With founder Jill Miller
  • Januar 2017 Building the Ultimate Back – Level 1 & 2 Designed2Move, Netherland
    Prof. Stuart McGill, PhD
  • November 2016 Tune Up Fitness – Yoga Tune Up® Teacher Training Level 1, YogaWorks, New York
    Dinneen Viggiano & Ariel Kiley
  • Oktober 2016 Portfolio Pilates – Rebecca Leone Biomechanical Problem Solving; Screening Prepping Problem Solving in Mixed Level Groups; Portfolio Pilates Floorwork Exercises
  • Februar 2016 Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 Restorative Yoga Training, YogaWorks, New York
    Jillian Pransky
  • Februar 2016 Thomas Myers’ Anatomy Trains® For Movement Therapists
    Kinected / Kinesis Inc. ,New York
    Laurice Nemetz
  • August 2015 – Februar 2016 YogaWorks 300-Hour Teacher Training – Registered Yoga Teacher 300 (RYT©300)
    YogaWorks Teacher Training, New York
    Dani Zuccheri
  • Januar – März 2016 Pilates Academy International –
    Pilates Instructor – Mat
    Pilates Academy International at Pilates on Fifth, New York
  • Juni 2015 Fascial Stretch Therapy Level 1 Stretch to Win Institute CA – Fascial Stretch Therapy®
  • Januar – März 2015 YogaWorks 200-Hour Teacher Training -Registered Yoga Teacher 200 (RYT©200)
    YogaWorks Teacher Training Center New York
  • Heather Seagraves & Dani Zuccheri
  • August 2003 – Dezember 2014 Diverse Yoga Workshops
    Annie Carpenter, Joan Hyman, David Sye, TJ Jackson
  • August 2000 – Juli 2003 Dipl. Zeitgenössische Tänzerin
    Zürcher Tanz-Theater-Schule Klassisches Ballett, Modern Dance, Jazz Dance, Hip Hop u.w.
  • Februar 1999 CASI Level 1 Snowboard Instructor certification
    Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors
    Sun Peaks, Kamloops CA