Ballet training can be started at any age!

The most important requirement is the joy of dance and movement.

The ballet teacher should not only have a very good knowledge of ballet methodology, but also have a sound training in anatomy and biomechanics. This ensures that he has the necessary understanding of the body. Knowledge of the biomechanical basics allows individual training so that joints, muscles and ligaments are not overloaded. Ballet, properly taught, is not only fun, but also trains the muscles of the whole body, trains coordination, balance, musicality and body awareness.


I offer ballet training for adult beginners.
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Get in touch with me.

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Christoph Klaus danced in ballets by renowned choreographers:

D.Aubert ``Grand pas classique`` Choreography by Viktor Gzovsky
Prince from the ballet ``The Nutcracker`` by Marius Petipa
``Jardi Tancat`` Choreography by Nacho Duato